Vinoth KS (MySelf) Interviewing a Digital Marketer Mr. Pradeep Kumar

Vinoth KS: Hi Pradeep, how is life going as a digital marketer?

@digitalmarketerPradeep: Hi, doing great, how about you?

Vinoth KS: Fine

Vinoth K S: How many years of experience are you having now as a digital marketer

Pradeep: Around 5 years

Vinoth KS: Are you happy now choosing this career

Pradeep: Yes, I am completely happy. Though I had some coding background in my graduation, I solely like to work as a digital marketer.

Vinoth KS: Is this career challenging

Pradeep: Definitely , being a digital marketer is not everybody’s cup of tea. You should be updating your skills. This job requires a lot of smart work, if you get a complete involvement then you can play around

Vinoth KS: How to Stay Updated

Pradeep: You should research that. There are a lot of sources available. Follow some top digital marketer’s blogs, videos, books, podcasts, webinars. Today in this digital world you can easily stay updated with whatever you want !!!

Vinoth KS: What is your vision

Pradeep: When I stepped in as a digital marketer, I didn’t have any vision. I joined a small company as a Digital Marketing Intern. Worked there for a year. Gained some practical knowledge, which helped me a lot. After gaining some experience I smell the opportunities for this field. Like every other digital marketer, I also dream to have a digital marketing agency.

Vinoth KS: Which area are you strong in digital marketing

Pradeep: I like content marketing more.

Vinoth KS: Does good command of language is needed to be a continent marketer?

Pradeep: Definitely not. But other than that there are many skills like researching for content, creating valuable content, editing it, making it SEO friendly are most important.

Vinoth KS: How to take Freelance Projects?

Pradeep: Straight away don’t try freelancing, Go and work for some company, gain some knowledge and experience. Then only you can be successful in your freelancing career. I recommend you to get a job. It’s not as difficult as you think once you have some knowledge of digital marketing.

Vinoth KS: Do you have experience in Adwords?

Pradeep: I had, but not that much. Sorry I might not be the right person to comment on that.

Vinoth KS: I Am going to start my career as a digital marketer!! What advice will you give me ??

Pradeep: ¬†After gaining some knowledge, attend the interviews. Oncle got selected, don’t work salary minded, put in your hard work, try all the things you have learned. The result will follow you automatically, but it might take some time.

Vinoth KS: Thank you Pradeep, It was nice Interviewing you!!

Pradeep: You are always welcome. All the Best !!!